You CAN get through this without blowing up your life.



No-BS coaching for sex addiction, men’s issues, and trauma. Available virtually anywhere in the world.



Get relief, freedom, and a fresh start with someone who holds the mirror up that you have been avoiding for so long.



Trust ReefTrust Reef

Right now, it feels like your world is burning down. Maybe it’s beyond your control, or maybe you look down, and you’re holding the matches. Either way, you want it to stop.


You're always the guy who has it together, but now you're lost and scared someone will find out your secret. Maybe you’re walking through hell, or your secrets are coming to light. You feel worthless, drowning in shame.  How could anyone love you with what you’ve done?


But it doesn’t have to stay this way. You can break free of the pain, take back control, and end the toxic cycles tearing your life apart. You can become a strong husband, father, leader, and friend.



Coaching will help you understand the 'why' behind your actions while helping you create real, lasting change.



It’s time to face your mess and reclaim your life. 


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I have a proven track record of helping alphas, CEOs, leaders, and high achievers get their lives back on track.


Ignoring the problem only makes it worse, resulting in further life implosions. So why wait?


  • Are you willing to bank on people not finding out your secrets?

  • Are you just going through the motions while pretending to be at the top of your game?

  • Do you believe you are your past (news flash, you’re not) and are OKAY with staying stuck there? 

  • Living with this shame and guilt for so long—is that really how you want to spend another week, month, or year?


• 6+ years helping others make lasting change

• MBA, MSW, and a Ph.D. Candidate

• Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation

• Former combat medic in the 101st Airborne Division with combat experience

Recent 5-Star Reviews


"I was stuck at my job and only had a vague idea of what my next chapter should be. Conrad helped me cut through the distractions and uncertainty I had and helped me not only see what I wanted to do, but provided me support in achieving my dream job!"


“I honestly came into the session with no expectations; however, my coach helped incorporate a new way of thinking/coping to combat some of the issues I face all while being attentive and mindful."


"I definitely formed an immediate connection with my coach, who seemed to understand people deeply and helped me realize some areas in my life that need work very quickly and in a way that felt revelatory."


"Conrad was able to put me at ease and provided a safe environment for me to feel heard and understood, all while being able to map out my problem and lead me to better understanding."

Privately Disclosed

"When I lost my best friend, I didn't realize how much it would take me down a dark path. I kept to myself and I didn't want to open up anyone new. I felt that anyone I met or was in my life would eventually leave me. I had a hard time sleeping and eating. [Conrad] helped me through my grieving process. Now, my life is better with the help of my coach."


"I had a wonderful coaching experience, with increased motivation. Very insightful. I highly recommend."

Unleash your potential with powerful insights and actionable strategies from our sessions …

The #1 secret to the life you want to live.

The top 3 firewalls to stop you from acting out.

If you can’t control the behaviors, here’s why.

Why self-help books, podcasts, and meditation can only get you so far.

Why healing is really about this 1 thing.

If you are spiraling into the past, do these 5 things to get grounded.

Why it's easy to get knocked off your throne when you’re at the top.

What never to do to beat sex addiction.

The flawed thinking behind “but I’m not as bad as the other guys.”

Why looking in the mirror is vital to your recovery.

Learn the dos and do nots of being a man in the 21st century — because toxic alpha behavior doesn't cut it anymore.

The main cause of addiction and how to actually heal it at the root.

What do you want people to say at your celebration of life? Figure out who you want to become and start living that life today.

Saving your relationship depends on this one skill.

You’re a complex sum of many parts, not a caveman. Why it’s healthy to shift to a more holistic self-view.

Think you don’t need coaching? Here’s why you’re wrong.

Forget your stock portfolio. Discover why investing in yourself is critical to success.

Learn the secrets to beating sex addiction.

Why your “but I haven’t been caught” excuse falls short.

Stop being the rock. Learn why being a tree is healthier and easier.

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Meet Your Coach

Hey, I’m Conrad.


I know what you’re thinking: “What makes you think you can help someone like me?” or “What have you been through that makes you qualified?”


It’s not every day you meet a coach who’s also done time as a combat medic, worked as a corporate drone, has a pyramid of degrees, and successfully worked with clients no one else would even go near, but here we are.


We are kicking in doors and clearing the building because there’s a real life – yours – on the line. 


I’m the person who will hold you accountable and challenge you, even when nobody else will. But you better believe I’ll also be your battle buddy

If you’re still reading this, it tells me one thing:


you’re not fucking around. I’m not, either.


You’ve got a lot on the line – your family, your career, your health, and your happiness – and if you’re ready to do the work, all I have to say is … bring it.  


Let’s get your life back on track. Right here. Right now.


It starts today.

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